What it costs to fly a piano to a mountaintop

What it costs to fly a piano to a mountaintop


norman lebrecht

March 04, 2021

From Digital Music News:

DJ, producer, and songwriter Kygo has paid to have a grand piano helicoptered to the top of the Sunnmore Alps in his native Norway, and the 29-year-old is now set to livestream multiple performances from the picturesque location.

As one would.


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This one’s Einaudi in 2o16.


  • Hmmm says:

    If it’s meant to sound sh*te – it will, even if he sprinkles the whole mountain with gold

    • Rogerio says:

      The act may seem strange, but of one thing you can be sure; No Norwegian laws were broken.
      Because breaking the rules in Norway is a definite No-No.
      Or, as they say in Norway;
      Å bryte reglene er et nei nei.
      And also;
      Å spise en sellever om dagen holder legen unna.

  • CYM says:

    Considering Einaudi’s awful musical and technical abilities, it would easier and much cheaper to drop him.

  • Petros LInardos says:

    The eccentric pianist François René Duchable, has played outdoors in mountains many times for more than a decade. Must be a wonderful experience for him and his audience. At his best Duchable is a great artist: no surprise that Rubinstein had mentored him.


  • Rachelle Goldberg says:

    Will one of his repertoire pieces include Night on a Bare Mountain or Hall of the Mountain King?

  • Karlheinz says:

    Why ist der Pianist not performing **inside** the helicopter? I could compose for him a wunderbar Helikopter-Sonata…

  • Nick2 says:

    Surely Leif Ove Andsnes beat him by a few years!

  • Emil says:

    Good luck to the piano tuner.

  • Rachelle Goldberg says:

    Stockhausen composed his Helicopter String Quartet in 1995 for String Quartet, four helicopters and pilots!! Perhaps another composer could arrange this as a Piano Quintet.

  • Been there, done that says:

    I bet Greta Thunberg is up in arms about using a helicopter when they could have hired 8 sherpas to carry the piano up.