Mourning for popular violinist, 44

Mourning for popular violinist, 44


norman lebrecht

March 23, 2021

Musicians in many countries sent donations last month to help Corinne Chapelle get cancer treatment in Germany that was not approved in the UK. More than £160,000 was raised.

Tragically, the treatment was not successful.

This morning, at around 3:00am, and after having battled a very rare and aggressive form of cancer so courageously for the last 12 months, Corinne Chapelle passed away, after experiencing a devastating stroke.
For the last two months, since the beginning of the crowdfunding campaign, Corinne had been receiving treatments and surgeries in a clinic and hospitals in Germany, while living with the greatest gratitude, deeply touched by the overwhelming amount of affection and love towards her.
She spent her last 10 days in the company of her dear friend, Irene, and received the most loving and caring medical assistance.
Her partner David, whom she met 10 years ago through their common love of chamber music, was able to hold her, talk to her, comfort her and kiss her for hours before she finally let go, peacefully and painlessly.
An enormous thank you goes to all those who participated and worked so hard for Corinne’s campaign, to the 1942 and other private donors that gave her a chance of healing and possibility to stay alive as long as she did, and to her beloved friends and dear family for the endless support.
She leaves behind her 6 year old daughter Leila, who will be taken care of by David, Leila’s father and Corinne’s partner for the last 10 years.
Goodbye Corinne ❤

The crowdfunding page will be active for donations until her final service.

Corina Belcea writes: Corinne Chapelle passed away this morning. No words can describe this devastating tragedy. Rest In Peace amazing angel and make beautiful music in heaven. You’ll be in our hearts forever.

Aleksey Igudesman: Thank you Corinne Chapelle for beautiful moments of friendship and music making. We will never forget you and your beautiful voice as a musician and as a human!


  • Jay says:

    Rest in peace and thank you for the beauty you brought to this world.

  • Sharon says:

    May her family and especially her daughter find peace

  • BruceB says:

    How very sad. RIP.

  • Constanza Rességuier de Miremont says:

    I still can hardly believe it, that Corinne – this beautiful, beloved and outstanding musician and friend has passed away.. I will never forget her!
    My thoughts are with Daniel and Leila, who will suffer so deeply.
    Love to you!

    • Diana Ketler says:

      Dear Connie, this is a tragedy. I will never forget how kind you were to Corinne and to all of us. Love, Diana

  • Jonathan Evans-Jones says:

    My wife and I are devastated by the news of Corinne’s passing. She shone brilliantly and all too briefly. Just over a year ago Corinne, David and Leila were with us celebrating our daughter’s birthday in happier times before the world darkened around us. She was adored and will live long in the hearts of those that worked with her and knew her.