Israel Philharmonic is back on stage

Israel Philharmonic is back on stage


norman lebrecht

March 01, 2021

With more than half the population fully vaccinated, the orchestra will resume with 13 concerts for live audienced with music director Lahav Shani from this Friday in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa.

The initial concerts are for subscribers only. Maximum attendance is 300.

It’s a start.




  • Gustavo says:

    group selection

  • french horn says:

    Happy country !

  • Maria says:

    Fantastic news. They have worked so hard to get Israel vaccinated, generous with their research, and then be a beacon of hope for us in England and the rest of the UK to look up to. The Republic of Ireland with under 5m people, are caught up in so few being vaccinated and the EU lack of supplying.

  • Petros Linardos says:

    Aside from the issues around vaccinating Palestinians, Israel is showing the way to go: root out Covid with vaccinations, not try to find ways around a problem that only gets worse if you ignore it.

  • RJS says:

    So very happy for my friends in IPO! 😀