Igor Levit gets Grammy slot

Igor Levit gets Grammy slot


norman lebrecht

March 02, 2021

The German-Russian pianist will play at the premiere ceremony of the Grammys on March 14, it was announced today.

He will appear alongside the Nigerian rapper Burna Boy, jazz band Terri Lyne Carrington + Social Science, blues musician Jimmy “Duck” Holmes, Latin electropop musician Lido Pimienta, performance artist Poppy, and singer-composer Rufus Wainwright.

No contest, then.


  • christopher storey says:

    Is this supposed to be newsworthy ?

  • CarlD says:

    What is a premiere ceremony? Surely you mean Grammys telecast, yes?

  • Herbie G says:

    If I were him I would be too embarrassed to accept it.

    • Anon says:

      But if you were actually him, your entire existence would be centered around leveraging your mediocre ability with your woke politics to get attention. So, naturally, you would accept. Exactly like the real Igor.

      • fragende Frau says:

        On Monday he quietly raised €84,000 in a 12-hour period for two organisations supporting struggling freelance musicians in Germany.
        Well done, Igor Levit.

        • Anon says:

          Right which costs him nothing, requires little to no effort, and makes people like you jump to his defense. Like his little anti-semitisim cancel culture fakery with that newspaper in Germany, it’s one more thing calculated to make him impervious to criticism. So yes, well done, Igor Levit.

      • Fiddleman says:

        You should be so mediocre.

  • Bratsche brat says:

    You misspelled one of the names: it’s Doofus Painblight.

  • Mecky Messer says:

    So. If he’s as auccessful as Bang Bang when he opened for Metallica and the presenters did not even mention who he was, we’ll ensure yet another overhyped “participation” that literally nobody else in the world who’s not a classical music junkie will notice.

    Kind of like when Dudamel “played in the superbowl” for a grand total airtime of 1.2 seconds.


  • Tim D says:

    Thought I’d dip into this website for some reasonably polite discourse on matters musical. Didn’t expect to see these boorish, snobbish ill-nourished comments. Shame.

  • Nick says:

    Rappers – great company for Levit. He is also a “piano rapper”