Cuomo allows limited April 2 reopening in NY

Cuomo allows limited April 2 reopening in NY


norman lebrecht

March 04, 2021

Message from New York’s musicians’ union:

Local 802 applauds today’s decision by Governor Cuomo to allow a limited reopening of live performances in New York starting on April 2. This landmark announcement has been a long time coming and we need it now more than ever. All along, we’ve urged the state to open the arts as safely and as expeditiously as possible in order to give audiences and tourists what they crave: the world’s best live music and art, presented in a safe and responsible format, to make our city’s recovery a reality. New York’s labor movement, including Local 802, will act as partners to ensure that producers and employers protect our audiences, musicians and arts workers. We urge all producers of live music to take advantage of today’s announcement and begin hiring musicians again as soon as possible, while following all safety protocols and honoring all pre-existing collective bargaining agreements. We are ready, willing and able to do our part to re-open New York and welcome our return as the live music capital of the world.



  • E says:

    Carnegie Hall. A line for last minute tickets
    and returns, and for standing room! I am probably
    on that line!

  • Fat Bob says:

    Cuomo is accused in sexual harassment by 2 women. Is that ok if NY governor is women harasser?

    I really can’t understand. They fired Domingo based on non proof statements of 2 women, but they are fine with Cuomo.

    Where is Metoo? Metoo was told to shut up about Cuomo and about Baiden?

  • Save the MET says:

    What you will end up seeing is productions and theaters close permanently on Broadway because the ticket sales will not support the salaries for the shows. Until it is safe enough for tourists, who by and large support the Broadway ticket sales to return, there is no great fix and possibly a worse financial outcome than keeping the theaters dark. The classical music ticket sales conversely has both a tourist issue and the 65 and over issue; as seniors largely buy the tickets for the events at the larger halls. Even with vaccines, with all the covid variants flying around NYC you won’t see seniors waiting on line to purchase tickets to classical music events in any great numbers. I would love to go to live performances again, but reality tells me April is way too early.

    • David Rowe says:

      Agree April is probably a little early. But it is with very distanced audience and thus probably safe. More important, it sends signal we are genuinely on the cusp of being able to re-start live indoor performances. I believe we will be seeing full capacity venues by late summer/early autumn.

    • Sharon says:

      Unfortunately I agree. I thought that the major halls and Broadway were not planning to open until September

  • phf655 says:

    It’s a start, but the guidelines allow a maximum of 100 people indoors and 200 outdoors. By the way, the photograph above appears to be in front of a Broadway house, and NOT Carnegie Hall.

  • Birchley Poundbottom says:

    Sounds like Cuomo is not only harassing women but is also in bed with the Variants. This deadly philandering will surely cause an explosive exponential spike in cases in 2-4 weeks, and we are NOT ready.

  • Greg Bottini says:

    Buy your tickets now!
    Let the COVID cases increase!
    Forget what the doctors and scientists say!
    AF of M Local 802 knows what’s best for you!