Israeli Opera jazzes up Verdi aria

Israeli Opera jazzes up Verdi aria


norman lebrecht

February 26, 2021

The donna swings.

Does she?

Israeli Opera soloists – Tal Ganor, Goni Knaani, Daniela Skorka, Anat Czarny

Guy Mintus Trio – Musical Manager & Pianist: Guy Mintus, Contrabass: Alon Nir, Drums: Yonatan Rozen

Directors : Yossi Yarom & Shirit Lee Weiss


  • Tom says:


  • Greg Bottini says:

    Other than women singing this tune, which came as rather a shock – I dig it!

  • E says:

    I wondered why he needed two pianos…!

  • CYM says:

    I wanted to say : « Stupid !! Silly !! Crazy !! »
    But, then … these guys are quite talented performers, unlike so many untalented charlatans, that I revised my opinion –
    BRAVI for lots of fun !!!!!

  • Dan S says:

    Guy seems to have talent and flash to spare. Likewise his trio, and the ladies, add sound and more flash, but the 19th century words have no real relevance to what is going on here. Do all these dramatics have any kind of real point? How long can we be bothered to watch?

  • Dave T says:

    That camera operator is really good and, uh, yeah, so is the pianist.
    What a hoot!

  • Sea Cay says:

    This is exactly why the Israeli opera, since its difficult beginnings under Edis De Philippe, still cannot be taken seriously. What a pity! Such unrealized potential!

  • Mdesiderio says:

    This is atrocious. Bad in every conceivable way. Truly horrible. A crime against opera, jazz, and the human voice. (I don’t feel I’ve stated my impressions strongly enough. )