End of the road for famed British quartet

End of the road for famed British quartet


norman lebrecht

February 09, 2021

The members of the Endellion Quartet have called it a day, starting now.

After 40 years on the road, violinists Andrew Watkinson and Ralph de Souza, violist Garfield Jackson and cellist David Waterman were hoping to complete a Beethoven cycle, interrupted in the summer, but Covid lockdown has crushed that plan.

The Endellion is at an end.






  • Stuart says:

    Quite an impressive run for a quartet. They were my introduction to the three Britten quartets. And their recording of the Foulds Quartetto Intimo is a hard to find treasure.

  • Simon Dearsley says:

    They were such an inspiring group of players. I met them when I was 16 at Dartington. There early performances were breath-taking in there poise and elegance, as well as a driven sense of passion. They taught me so much, not just about the music they played, but also as people over a pint in the white hart, or relaxing after a concert in the green room. I have avidly followed their recordings for all these years and they remain a wonderful example of British music making at it’s most sublime. There presence as live performers and recording artists will be missed.

  • Hugh Molloy says:

    ‘Thank you for the Music’ Wonderful people, wonderful musicians: happy ‘retirement’ to you all!

  • Una says:

    Wonderful quartet. Had the sense to cut their losses, and leave on such fine performances to remember. Sadly many will be following them eventually with the lack of work, spare money to attend as many concerts as before, and the actual will to soldier on.

  • Antwerp Smerle says:

    In Cambridge we were fortunate to hear the Endellion frequently. Their performance of Schubert’s Quintet decades ago with the young Steven Isserlis was unforgettable. Very sad that we were denied the chance to say goodbye at their (cancelled) farewell concert at the Wigmore Hall last July. Have a great retirement, guys!

  • Alexander T says:

    A shame. One of the best quartets around.

  • Bostonian says:

    So sorry to see them go. Their recording of the Walton quartet on Virgin Classics is a standout.

  • Oropesa says:

    I’m afraid COVID-19 is the end of the road for many quartets.

  • Paul Carlile says:

    I wish them all the best. Heard them for the first time at the actual Endellion Festival in Cornwall, (directed at that time by Richard Hickox), and subsequently at Dartington, the Wigbore, the QEH and on tour in Australia. A loss for us but leaving many very happy memories. Congratulations on a marvellous long innings and best wishes for future projects.

  • Jack says:

    Sad that covid bring a premature end to a fine group. One wonders how many more groups will fall victim to the pandemic.

  • Tribonian says:

    The Endellion performed seasons in Leeds for many years, and I’ve been going to them for about the last 6 or 7. Their programming was always thoughtful and interesting. I seem to recall a preponderance of Beethoven, but that might just be the performances I attended. They had an exceptionally loyal audience and every time I heard them, the hall was sold out or very nearly so. You had to make sure you booked a long way in advance.

    They will be a huge loss to Leeds’ classical music scene and we will miss them very much.

  • Dilys Page says:

    That’s today’s saddest news.