Death of triple-Grammy British composer

Death of triple-Grammy British composer


norman lebrecht

February 01, 2021

We have notified of the death, aged 89, of the prodigiously successful Jeremy Lubbock, an arranger and songwriter, who won three Grammys in a long career working with David Foster.

Among the stars he kept in tune were Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Josh Groban, and the late Ray Charles and Michael Jackson.

Classically trained, he never strayed far from his roots.

We send condlences to Jeremy’s brother, the conductor John Lubbock.

Here’s a tribute in London Jazz News.



  • Jeffrey Biegel says:

    A great legend has passed. RIP Jeremy Lubbock. If you have a favorite pop song recording, chances are Jeremy Lubbock is part of its creation. His brother is the fabulous conductor, John. Jeremy was a dear friend, who would always say, ‘Dear boy’ just before the thought intended. Here’s how our classical worlds collided:

    In 2003, David Foster invited me to attend a string session for one of his upcoming recordings. Some of the great arrangers were there, conducting the string recording session for their arrangement of charts. Jeremy Lubbock was one of these legendary arrangers. I knew his name from many recordings, especially the Barbra Streisand recordings. I felt like I was in the room with royalty. Well, I was. David said, ‘If you can get Jeremy to write something for you, you’ll have something very special’. That was but a dream. When David introduced us, the first thing Jeremy said was, ‘Can you play Rach 3, boy?’ I said, ‘Yes’. he said, ‘Send it to me’. I did. After waiting several weeks, I called him and was unsure what to expect in a response. he said, ‘I listened to your Rach 3, and you know what? You nailed it!’ He said, ‘I’m going to compose a piece for you, for piano and strings. I love Rachmaninoff, so something lush and with a jazz language’. The result is ‘Moods’. The one and only opportunity I had to premiere this beautiful composition was with the Moravian College orchestra. Few of Jeremy’s closest circle friends and colleagues know this exists. For everyone about to click this link, I hope you enjoy it. RIP, dear friend.

    In Jeremy’s words:
    “The man behind the beautiful arrangements for Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Josh Groban, and the late Ray Charles and Michael Jackson, chooses world renowned pianist, Jeffrey Biegel as he turns his craft to the
    concert hall with a new, eclectic work for solo piano and string orchestra entitled,’Moods’.”

    Cherished memory now:
    Dear Jeffrey,
    Congratulations on your Doctorate!!!
    And I wish you the very best for your premier performance of “Moods”. Very exciting for me, but I only wish I was going to be there. By all means do a live stream of the proceedings. I would love to see it!!!!!!!!
    All the best,

  • There are, and have been, many extraordinary arrangers and orchestrators we owe a debt beyond the usual platitudes and recognition for their supreme gifts: Salinger, Legrand, Riddle etc. Mr. Lubbock belongs to that pantheon. His passing leaves an enormous hole in the hearts of so many contemporary musicians whose admiration for his craft was observed by being held spellbound in awe of the sound worlds he could evoke and his luminous control of the orchestra. Really, really sad news. Vale.