Biz news: Cami v-p goes to Hollywood

Biz news: Cami v-p goes to Hollywood


norman lebrecht

February 11, 2021

Emily Threlfall Yoon, a vice-president at collapsed Columbia Artists, has found a new berth in Hollywood talent giant ICM.

Emily brings as dowry a short list of pops and film conductors including Christopher Dragon, Thiago Tiberio, Ludwig Wicki and Ted Sperling.

ICM say: Emily has been a key partner in the development of an impressive roster of over 30 concert packages bringing the magic of Disney Music to concert stages around the world.

Emily says: I’m thrilled to be bringing my roster into the ICM Partners fold and expanding the agency’s place within the symphony world.

She is, however, just an agent among many at ICM, no longer a v-p.



  • SP says:

    Dowry? What an appallingly insensitive word to describe the artist portfolio she’s bringing to ICM. Do better, SD.

  • JussiB says:

    they couldn’t pay me to work in hollyweird.

  • sas says:

    Is this really business news? Do the readers of this website actually care about an agent getting a new job?