Free EU visa advice for UK musicians

The Incorporated Society of Musicians has partnered with Viva La Visa to offer its members free visa and work permit advice in the EU.

ISM are entitled to free 30 minute phone consultations with Viva La Visa experts in worldwide visa and work permit procurement.

ISM Chief Executive, Deborah Annetts said:

‘We recognise the significant need for clear advice for our members who are working in the EU. International touring represents an essential part of many musicians’ livelihoods, with 44% of musicians earning up to half of their income in the EU before the pandemic. We are very pleased to be partnering with the experts at Viva La Visa, who, as well as working with us to create this much needed advice line, also offer a generous discount to our members on its comprehensive visa and immigration services.’

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  • You have accompanied the story with a shot of an airline that went bust and no longer trades. I hope this is not an omen.

    • Except that many millions did not pick Brexit. The UK was great enough before this monumental act of self-harm but I don’t suppose you would understand that would you?
      If art cannot reach across borders and divides it becomes nothing more than an ego-massage for the ignorant.

    • For the record, there was only a 4% difference between those of us who wished to remain and those who wished to leave. Cameron did not have to act on it but chose to and then ran away, you know just like Trump although Cameron is not a lying bully.

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