Singing ban proposed in churches

Singing ban proposed in churches


norman lebrecht

December 11, 2020

As Covid rules are tightened across Germany, a leading virologist has called for singing to be banned over Christmas.

Alexander Kekulé, director of the Institute for Medical Microbiology at the University Clinic in Halle, said worshippers should be encouraged to recite the Creed and Our Father, ‘but only if there is no singing – otherwise we will have too many aerosols.’

Will police units patrol the aisles listening out for anyone who sings like the Chancellor?


  • sam says:

    It’s a German vaccine, and Germany wouldn’t even approve it weeks ago before the UK or Canada or the US or Saudi Arabia.

    I’m sure banning singing in church is a lot more effective than vaccinating church goers.

  • LetThemSing says:

    Already the case in Ireland sadly!

  • Gustavo says:

    But beware – Jonas Kaufmann’s new Christmas disc is no suitable replacement.

    It almost made me throw the radio out of the window this morning.

    That’s a stocking-filler for Norman to review à la Grinch.

  • Fred Funk says:

    We’ve had Trump rallies spreading all sorts of viruses over the years. And the singing at those rallies is HORRIBLE. Fortunately for Germany, their singers are a little bit better.

    Even though you might want to, DON’T press play. You’ve been warned. Might be a good time to break out John Cage’s Christmas CD, Silent Night.

    • Fuck Fred Funk says:

      Self-absorbed Lefties spread inordinate amounts of the Kung Flu with their Democrat sanctioned riots and looting.

  • Maria says:

    This is not a vaccine competition. So te UK got in first? So whatother tan other countries jealous. Also singing as a member of the congregation has been banned from the start. I am a professional singer and not allowed to join in the hymns that only one person employed by the church or cathedral is allowed to do. Everyone is masked up so if these masks are so good, why not ding behind the masks? But even that has not been allowed. So what is so slecial about this German professor telling us what we already were told last April in UK and Ireland? More juxtering for position?