Netrebko signs on for January Tosca at Covent Garden

Netrebko signs on for January Tosca at Covent Garden


norman lebrecht

December 07, 2020

The Royal Opera House will kick off its winter 20/21 programme with 12 performances of Puccini’s Tosca. Anna Netrebko will take the title role in the opening shows.

The first fully staged opera since lockdown in March 2020, it will run from 13 January to 13 March, with a global live-stream on 22 January.

Covid permitting, of course.

The tenor is her husband, Yusif Eyvazov.


  • Greg says:

    With Mr Netrebko as Mario and Gerald Finley as Scarpia… why!?!?
    Everybody who only accepts engaging another singer just because he/she is the spouse of the lead, and not on real artistic qualities, is totally wrong!
    It’s definitely not a first-rate cast, and while Netrebko is a good singer, she is no good Tosca.
    And by the way, Vienna is already streaming Tosca with Netrebko & husband in one week, so nothing original here

  • mvarc says:

    I wonder if pricing will be low to encourage attendance or high “who-cares” to make money? Both understandable, but my guess is £300 for the stalls and £350 for the Grand Tier!

  • pianoguy says:

    Why wait for Jan when you can get Mr & Mrs Trebs in Tosca from Vienna this week without the ticket price, if they are you favoured casting?

  • Nik says:

    “12 performances of Puccini’s Tosca with Anna Netrebko in the title role”
    Norman this is incorrect. Only four of the dates are with Netrebko.

  • IronM says:

    Norman, you buried the lede. The biggest news is Freddie de Tommaso singing Cavaradossi.

  • Giacomo says:

    Just the thought of Netrebko getting into Gheorghiu’s production gives me the cringe. While one can disagree on AG vocal performance- she OWNS that role and this production. Instead of an actress you’re casting a wannabe who has zero idea of Tosca. And Mr. Netrebko instead of JK. Well… good luck to everyone.

  • Zelda Macnamara says:

    Actually, why bother watching this one at all when the Met is showing the 1978 version both today and at the end of this month, with Cornell MacNeil, Shirley Verrett and Pavarotti? Now that’s a cast worth watching.

    • Nik says:

      Yes, I mean why bother going to any live performance ever again. Why would anyone even want to train as a singer at all these days when there are recordings of Pavarotti available.

      • Zelda Macnamara says:

        Actually, not right. At you very well know, it’s impossible to go to live performances safely at the moment. Or hadn’t you noticed?

    • Ms.Melody says:

      The real question is: Why bother risking your health and, possibly, your life in order ho hear the most overrated, overhyped singer of our times perform a role she has no business singing?

      • Trevor Lynes says:

        What a totally ‘catty’ comment from Ms Misery…Anna Netrebko has a tremendous following and is actually the only opera singer to ever be included in Time magazine listing of the most influential people in the world…but then you know better !

        • Julia says:

          Yes, she is indeed influential but in a really bad way. Netrebko is just an example of what is wrong with Opera today, from poor vocal quality acclamaied as one of “the best” and “star quality” voices to horrifying productions which no real opera singer should agree to perform in. ever. Opera is on a downgrade path and she is direct contributor of it.

  • Trevor Lynes says:

    I absolutely cannot understand this hate mail…Anna always fills opera seats and always receives good/great reviews. This fixation with singers at the end of their careers or actually deceased is unhealthy and negative..Anna has influenced lots of new, young singers to enter opera and the audiences are far younger too. Surely this is a good omen for opera ! IMO she is the best all around entertainer in opera and a very positive influence.