Stephen Sondheim calls in on composer with dementia

Stephen Sondheim calls in on composer with dementia


norman lebrecht

November 04, 2020

Paul Harvey is an 80-year-old English composer with dementia whose four-note work is top of the download charts in a recording by the BBC Philharmonic.

In advance interviews Paul cited Stephen Sondheim as an infleunce.

Next thing he new, Sondheim was talking to him on Zoom.



  • Tim Biscuitson says:

    Best orchestra in the country! Always said it!

  • E says:

    Blesss you, BBC.

  • Bone says:

    So nice of you to post this cheerful story, NL.

  • Rosanne Walden says:

    The most wonderful 6 1/2 minutes of the year 2020!

  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    I defy anyone not to watch without a tear in their eye.

  • RobK says:

    I love Stevie for this kind gesture. Very moving.

  • Victor Trahan says:

    ”Wonderfully special” indeed, Mr. Harvey. WOW
    A great moment !!!

  • MCL says:

    Kudos to the BBC and “the great man himself!” What humanity and kindness. More stories like this!

  • Edward says:

    OMG what a wonderful piece of music and to be given compliments from the greatest living composer Steven Sondheim. What a thrill for this gentleman. I wish him well. I’m in floods of tears

  • Nurit Ritte says:

    Just wonderful!!!
    As a music therapist, working with people with dementia for more than 25 years, .. it’s even more exciting…❤️