Maradona was a baritone

Maradona was a baritone


norman lebrecht

November 26, 2020

Proof of his vocal range:

The best festure on this video is the signage interpreter



  • BruceB says:

    From one of the articles in the NY Times:

    Thirty-two years before Maradona was born, the writer Borocotó — editor of El Gráfico, the prestigious, trailblazing sports magazine — suggested the country should erect a statue to the so-called pibe: the dusty-faced street kid with the “trickster eyes,” “a mane of hair rebelling against the comb” and the “sparkling gaze” who represented not only Argentina’s soccer culture, but also its self-image as a nation.

    Maradona was the platonic ideal of a pibe, all virtuoso skill and impetuous cunning. He captured the spirit Borocotó made immortal more than any player — more than anyone could have thought possible — not just when he was a teenager, fresh from the potrero, but throughout his career. (

  • Like Lucio Battisti and Pavarotti the greatest Italian singers Diego will always have a place in the heart of the Italians

  • IP says:

    Not exactly the second Björling but at least he did not help himself with the hands. RIP

  • Patricia says:

    Can we please skip Maradona here? (Argentinian musician who is just fed up with him. And please, don’ t explain me that he was a great football player: I’ve seen him live-a great pleasure. But let’s give us a break….)

    • Maria says:

      There are other people on here apart from yourself! You don’t need to read or listen to any if it. This guy was unique in the world Argentinian or not, a football fan or not, the likes of which we won’t ever see again. May he rest in peace and his memory live on.