LSO has rapid testing kit for Covid

LSO has rapid testing kit for Covid


norman lebrecht

November 27, 2020

Reuters reports:

Once a month, the musicians provide a phlegm sample by spitting into a small pot which is tested in groups, called bubbles, by Imperial College London spin-off DNANudge with their cartridge-based technology that gives a result in just over an hour.”The bubble test is really relevant when you’ve got organisations that work together and they need to get back to work,” said Professor Chris Toumazou, chief executive of DNANudge, outside the LSO rehearsal studio in east London.

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  • Inaustria says:

    This type of test is great, and cost effective, as long as no one is infected. However, (to my knowledge) when a “bubble” turns up a positive result everyone in that bubble must have a PCR test. This test result takes time, during which everyone in their bubble AND their close contacts, probably including other musicians, must isolate. This can really interfere with any kind of rehearsal schedule, so it is questionable if it is the best way to go.

    • Amos says:

      What no one seems to want to acknowledge is that testing is necessary but not sufficient to contain the virus. Getting tested in a “bubble” as opposed to individually makes no sense and once a month borders on idiotic. The instant someone is tested is clearly no assurance that they won’t be exposed in the next instant. The key, until a vaccine is widely available, are the same precautions that are not compatible with large orchestras performing.

    • J says:

      This is true, but the not inconsiderable inconvenience of some having to isolate pending PCR test results is as nothing compared to the virus potentially causing others in the organisation (not to mention their families and other contacts) to fall sick. Rapid testing is far from perfect, but is nonetheless a sensible precaution – absolutely the correct and responsible thing for any employer to do if they have such tests available.

      The LSO’s work this year has been magnificent – let us hope that these tests enable them to continue and grow!

  • Ernest says:

    One hour test result is quite fast! Perhaps airports can try it too?

  • Tim Turkey says:

    More useless security theater. Instead of fighting back against this ideology that has destroyed our industry, musicians have been absolutely spineless capitulators. Yes, let’s remake our society around the idea that we can avoid this microbe indefinitely.

  • miko says:

    This is the correct way to protect the health and safety of musicians (an employer must take all reasonable steps to protect its employees), alongside mask wearing for strings/percussion and perspex screens for ww brass.
    None of the above is happening in my employ. Shocking, stressful and potentially negligent.