Exclusive: New agency for conductors

Exclusive: New agency for conductors


norman lebrecht

November 12, 2020

Linda Marks, the former partner at HarrisonParrott who brought to the podium more flapping Finns that you’ll find in a fish pond, is about to launch her own Linda Marks classical agency.

So far she has four conductors:

David Zinman

Robert Spano

Rumon Gamba

and the young Henry Kennedy.

Here’s the website.

Maestro’s know she’s among the best in the biz.


  • Andrew Constantine says:

    Good luck to them all! Linda is one of the most perceptive ladies I’ve met, not to mention smart and well liked.

  • Costa Pilavachi says:

    Good luck, Linda. Too bad I am not a conductor…

  • Firing Back says:

    Well, that didn’t take long.

    Same old faces doing the rounds in an industry that desperately needs to be cleared out and have some new vision.

    It’s like a continuous loop of toxic waste.

    No surprise, then, that industry cronies (just look above) welcome back one of their own.

    They never learn.

    • Costa Pilavachi says:

      What a silly man who is such a coward that he hides behind a fake name. Toxic waste? I feel sorry for you.

      • norman lebrecht says:

        She’s a woman

      • Firing Back says:

        Bit of an ill-judged gender assumption from you there, Costa. Kind of proves my point that the industry needs some new blood and vision.

        You ‘feel sorry’ for me because I consider industry cronies to be toxic waste? It’s very telling how that triggered you…


        • Has-been says:

          Firing Back

          Experienced colleagues are not ‘toxic waste’. Furthermore the ‘industry’ has developed many younger executives over the years. Companies like Harrison Parrott, Askonas Holt, CAMI, Opus 3, Intermusica etc have led in investing and giving opportunities to talented and knowledgeable people.Some like Maria Mot, Michael Benchetrit have set up new and exciting ventures So, Firing Back your evident bitterness is a sad reflection on you.

          • Costa Pilavachi says:

            Well said, dear Has-Been.

          • Firing Back says:

            You didn’t read my comments.

            I didn’t mention ‘younger’ – that’s your hang up. Clearly.

            But your reference to ‘experienced colleagues’ kind of gives you away.

            You are an apologist for cronyism. Like Pilavachi, you were triggered by my terminology as it obviously hit home.

            Since both you and Pilavachi opened the ad hominem door, I amend my previous words – ‘toxic waste’ was too kind:
            ‘General sewage’ is more apt, and suits you cronies better.


        • Costa Pilavachi says:

          Yes, I did assume you are a man because the women I know and like are braver and don’t need to hide behind silly names. I am not sure why I am even bothering reacting to someone as ignorant and cowardly as you but let me tell you just one thing about artist management as you clearly have no clue what you are talking about. If there is one profession where age and experience are an asset it is artist management. Someone like Linda Marks, who is a fine, honourable, honest, dedicated and effective person and manager, is also vastly experienced and knows everyone. If I were a young artist I would feel incredibly lucky to work with her.

          • Firing Back says:

            Oops. You had to wriggle like hell to get out of the gender assumption thing, didn’t you, Costa.

            Alas, you dug yourself in even deeper: ‘No woman I know…etc’.
            Seriously, you’ve just shown yourself to be totally unable to deal with gender equality.

            Your ad hominem usage just makes you look really desperate and clueless. You are clearly both.

            And yes, you really do reply to what you call fake names. You gushingly congratulated Has-been.
            Ah, but that’s ok, isn’t it? Because he’s a fellow crony, I guess.

            Move on, Costa. Times have changed. You’re no longer relevant.

            And you’ve made yourself look like a sexist fossil here. That’s an ugly look.


  • AH says:

    Ooh I’m loving this. Who are you, Firing Back? I would love to buy you a drink. When I was a young agent, Costa wouldn’t give me the time of day.

    • norman lebrecht says:

      Given the agency you work for, I’m not surprised

      • AH says:

        Ha. You sad old man, Norman. No one takes you or this site seriously. You’re a complete has been (maybe not even a had been) and hated by the majority of the industry. I pity you. Just retire and give us all a break of your outdated and toxic views. Bye.

    • Firing Back says:

      I’m no one.
      Just someone who is saying what most people here think but don’t dare say or write.

      Amazing how a few anonymous but truthful posts on a blog trigger the power players to such a point that they lose it and embarrass themselves in public. Costa wasn’t the first…
      Now, if I wasn’t telling the truth, they’d never engage – they’d laugh it off.

      Strange that.

  • McGarrigle Bear says:

    Firing Back what happened to make you so bitter? Not a big fan of the ‘dinosaurs’ myself but Linda is loved by her artists and respected in the business and not just by the older generation.

    • Firing Back says:

      Since when did telling the truth = bitter?

      Only in the classical music industry, of course.

      It’s a cult – no one dares step out of line.

      Linda is irrelevant in this. This is all about cronyism, as you are fully aware.