English tenor dies in Vienna

English tenor dies in Vienna


norman lebrecht

November 24, 2020

The opera singer Hugh Beresford has died in his adopted city at the age of 94.

Beresford won the Richard Tauber Prize as a baritone in 1951 and decided to continue his studies in Austria. He made his debut in Linz in 1953 as Wolfram in Tannhäuser and in 1960 became a member of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. In 1970 he transitioned to become a tenor, singing the role of Florestan in Beethoven’s Fidelio. That same year, he made his Bayreuth debut as Tannhäuser.


  • Maurice says:

    Just an anecdote: only yesterday I was looking through some holiday postcards received years ago, and one from my mother in Italy in August 1982 concluded, ” Do you know Hugh Beresford, Wagner tenor? He was here in the hotel [Moderno Majestic, Cattolica] till this morning—really brown after 3 weeks. Lives in Cologne.” I looked him up and immediately found this post. Quite a coincidence.

    According to the best obituary I have found (in the Wiener Zeitung), he had started singing in Vienna by the time I was there in 1972, but I don’t remember him from the 50 or so operas I went to. I haven’t dug my cast lists out of the loft, but, to go by his ‘Winterstürme’, I’d probably remember if I did hear him!