Covid death toll keeps mounting

Covid death toll keeps mounting


norman lebrecht

November 25, 2020

These are the latest Covid losses in the music community.


116 Oboe professor Giorgi Beridze, 81

117 Festival director Diego Martínez, 57

118 Music agent Ben Kouijzer, 36


119 Belgian singer Joseph Reynaerts, 65

120 Brazilian pianist Luiz Henrique Senise, 73

121 Hungarian doublebass Géza Lajhó, 64

122 Edmonton jazz musician Bobby Cairns, 78

123 Ian Finkel, ‘World’s Greatest Xylophonist,’ 72


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  • Sharon says:

    Thanks, Norman. Posting this list helps people realize how serious this is–and these are only people where Covid is listed as the primary cause–not people who may have officially died from something else but the deaths were aggravated by Covid, or people who may not have been tested, especially in the early days or those from less wealthy countries, like some in Eastern Europe or Latin America.

    Even in New York City in the first two or three months the death toll was double that in February March and April 2020 than those months in 2019. Although these people were not tested most of the excess deaths were related to Covid.
    I believe that the official death toll in New York City due to Covid is around 23000. The real death toll to Covid is probably over 40000. New York City was hit the earliest before a lot of people were tested.

  • Genius Repairman says:

    We live in terrible times…