Orchestra hires broadcaster as its fundraiser

Brian Newhouse hosted the Minnesota Orchestra’s Friday night concert on Classical MPR for 25 years.

He retired early this year.

Only for the orchestra to call him back as associate vice president of individual giving. You know his voice: now give us your money.

Could this be a new career path for all those weary voices on BBC Radio 3?


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  • Brian has had a long association with the Minnesota Orchestra as has Minnesota Public Radio. Brian is also a first rate gentleman and , per the comment made by ” The view from America ” person, it is a smart move for all parties.

  • Can’t wait to see what Brain has in store for the Minnesota Orchestra’s development team. Best of luck, sir!

    • “Terry Herndon, executive secretary of the National Education Association, said in 1973, ‘I look forward to the day when the schools automatically receive the funds they need and the Pentagon holds bake sales to buy tanks.’”

  • Having learned to know Brian as president of the Chorus America board, I can’t think of a better choice by Minnesota Orchestra…congrats, Brian!

  • There was a time when the radio broadcasts of the various fine orchestras were immediately identifiable by the distinctive voice of their announcer. Even if you forgot which night of the week the Boston Symphony or Boston Pops was on, as soon as you heard William Pierce’s voice you sure knew it wasn’t the Cleveland Orchestra broadcast because it wasn’t Robert Conrad.

    Newhouse has a similarly great radio voice for symphony broadcasts and I think this is a very logical and imaginative step they are taking.

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