Andrea Bocelli: My album is a religious statement

Andrea Bocelli: My album is a religious statement


norman lebrecht

October 05, 2020

A carefully crafted, inclusivist comment from the tenor about his forthcoming release, circulated by the Catholic News Agency:

‘The concept behind ‘Believe’ is based on three words: faith, hope and charity. These are the three theological virtues of Christianity, yet – quite independently of any religious belief – they are also the three extraordinary keys to giving meaning and completeness to the lives of every one of us.’


  • Greg Bottini says:

    “Faith, hope and charity….are….the three extraordinary keys to giving meaning and completeness to the lives of every one of us”.
    I’m not a religious person myself, but that is a very nice statement for Bocelli to make, and it’s very timely.

  • V. Lind says:

    The terms “carefully crafted” and “inclusivist” seem to imply a certain amount of guile. As a Catholic, I was schooled in the theological virtues, and as someone who has lived a full and secular life, I have met many people whose own virtues include all of them. And have found them to be pretty good bases for a good active, decent life.

    It seems to me all that Bocelli is saying is that while he is religious his album is not aimed exclusively at others who share his particular religious belief — that the themes contained in it have a much broader appeal.

    That seems to me pretty unexceptionable.

    • Michael says:

      Comment lacks CHARITY.

    • Rosalie says:

      You’re way off base
      Why can’t people accept what is meant to be said instead of remarks that can start a turmoil!!!!!
      Andrea is a beautiful man and sings songs he and others believe in never an intent to do wrong or let someone try to discredit him and his songs!!!
      What more do people want the BLOOD of A PERSON??
      Stop whining and you do something instead of twisting something beautiful into something YOU really want to stir up
      You’re no better than the FAKE LIES THAT THE NEWS TELLS!!
      He was singing not performing for a political movement although the Pope has made it
      People like you are not needed in a time like this!!
      Positive people is what we need not a well this or that!!
      Go blow your horn somewhere else!!
      Trouble maker instead of sitting and enjoying his singing you twist his motives around
      A very up set individual……
      Religion has changed so much somethings not for the better but no matter, what he is still there to guide you and never questions you just accepts you for you!!!!

      “Jesus “ is somewhere in our body just waiting for you to reach out!!!
      Jesus would never turn his back on ANYONE but embrace them but how fast PEOPLE OF ALL RELIGIONS AND COLOR THROW HIM UNDER THE BUS!!!
      You whoever wrote the comment throw your pen away and start believing and hoping their are more people like ANDREA BORCELLI

  • DLanzilotti says:

    God Bless Andrea Bocelli for sharing his beautiful talent

  • Peter says:

    You note that Bocelli’s comment is carefully crafted and inclusivist, and then you misrepresent it in the headline. Why ?

  • Edward says:

    As in “Dear God, not another one!!!”?

  • Sheryl Ware says:

    I truly believe anything this man says. I was an attendee at his February’s concert and it was a magical evening, full of love and hope. “Believe” is all he says it is and what we so desperately need today.

  • Terence Fleming says:

    Faith, Hope and Charity.

    Faith: my agent says he believes the new album will sell.

    Hope: I hope it does. Classic fm, hopefully, will play it all day.

    Charity: I am giving all the profits to a very worthwhile charity. Me.

  • Nijinsky says:

    I put this by accident in the prior blog post about Bocelli, so here it is again….

    “faith, hope and charity”

    The Catholic version of “Christianity” where charity is loving a homosexual because there’s something wrong with them, what is hope and faith then!?

    Hope that they go against their nature, and take up our [“their”] accouterments of various beads and such (I won’t get graphic about it listing any more) to facilitate that, and faith that “that” will work.

    As if that’s God. I don’t think it is, in fact it isn’t. Neither is discipline going against your nature.

    And yet miracles happens. Despite it.

    • Rogerio says:

      Do you “believe” that Homosexuals and Christians have different “Natures”?

      • Nindaja says:

        Saying that there is something wrong with homosexuality is unnatural. For a Christian too.

        And do yourself a favor and look up straw man arguments.

      • Nijinsky says:

        Because I can see this is going to turn into another supposed accusation of discrimination would anyone say that it’s not OK for a whole institution to try to convince anyone that people expressing love, in their own private space, means there’s something wrong with them. Or to try to maintain that such oppression is expressing someone’s nature, and that’s what being “Christian” is.

        Further more

        As “Christians” go, I really don’t need ANY institution telling me about Jesus, in fact my life is to give him an escape from all of that, whether you like it or not. So, here I include something from an correspondence I just sent to someone else…

        I had been going to mass at a local church, although not Catholic officially, but a nun had coached me in how to get by. And there was at that time a donut shop along the way home, that I ducked into. When I looked at my left thumb, a part of the architecture of the hand that’s a central point for balance and thus harmony when playing piano, there was such a beautiful joyful red there, I seriously wasn’t there for a moment. The very spike of energy, which I can’t describe because a spike is something with a sharp point, and it didn’t have that at all. It’s like you become everything for a moment, or actually beyond that all potential. It’s not an explosion either, although akin, perhaps, because of the surprise. There was delight there.

        Anna, who was Mozart’s mother, had said to me, the last time she came through via a medium: “Pay close attention to the color red, and the harp,” which the stupid medium’s entity had remarked with: “if you even understand it.”

        I had never seen such beautiful red, the whole love of the Universe, it’s joy; or rather the milk of the Universe: Love and all of the joy it contains.

        I tried telling the church about it, and then something more, and they don’t respond well at all.

        Here follows “something more.”

        I sponsor someone with Save the Children, actually because I wanted to help another person, didn’t know she was a sociopath via alcohol or who knows what, and had given her money for rent and then a down payment when she moved into town. I just trusted people. I told her that that money would sponsor a child for couple of years with Save the Children. Someone told me that she had sponsored a child for maybe a month, and then decided she didn’t like it. So I decided to do it, myself. I could feel the energy of it, a white light, and that really helped me. And then one day at another Cathedral, where of all people the actress that had played the flying nun (Sally Field) was walking around because of some social engagement I think, but when I went outside of the Cathedral I saw a feather laying in the dust. I had read that they can have ticks, so I decided not to pick it up, but gave it a nudge with my foot, via the shoe I was wearing, and the feather took flight, went up in the air, and then started twirling so happy, you could see it was spiritual energy. And it reminded me of how Elijah is said to have moved on.

        Within a short period I got the first part of this poem in the mail from Save the Children, because they had put it on a Christmas Card:

        “Hope” is the thing with feathers
        That perches in the soul
        And sings the tune without the words
        And never stops at all

        And sweetest in the Gale is heard
        And sore must be the storm —
        That could abash the little Bird
        That kept so many warm —

        I’ve heard it in the chillest land —
        And on the strangest Sea —
        Yet, never, in Extremity,
        It asked a crumb — of Me.

        Oh, and the feather, after twirling in the air, so joyous, had perched in a bush….

        • V. Lind says:

          Hope Save the Children credited Emily Dickinson.

          • Nijinsky says:

            Yes of course, I think they had to, her poems are… you have to ask permission of a University that owns the rights, last I heard, so they would have had to credit Emily….

            Not that without the words (“Emily”) it wouldn’t have meant anything, even illegal apparently.

            One does what one can in such situations (And sings the tune without the words
            And never stops at all)…

          • Nijinsky says:

            I wasn’t saying that it’s not appropriate to acknowledge Emily, which she certainly deserves as much as anyone else anywhere, Saviors included; it’s just the idea from the poem, when all you have left is the tune to go by….

        • Greg Bottini says:

          Sorry, what was that again?

      • Rosalie says:

        No!!! Just accept it turn your comments into positive thoughts
        We are human no matter what we are and choose to be!!!
        If you don’t agree and feel things aren’t as they should be find out why they are
        Before you tear it all apart
        Everyone has a right to live as they want as long as it has nothing to do with you LET IT GO!!!
        People are people blood flowing through their veins just like mine and my friends and neighbors, FAMILY AND CHILDREN
        No matter what we are what we are!!
        Let the differences and hatred go….Help someone and love who and whom they are
        Look at life for what it was made to be not someone who wants it THEIR WAY!!

    • Nijinsky says:

      You know, when institutions, such as the Catholic Church, find it necessary to make such statements about homosexuality, it really not only paints what it is to be human in a false light, but goes against who Jesus was, what he taught, and his own nature.

      When you believe so much you have to spend your life going against nature, fighting against something, one starts making up such pretenses as this church makes up about homosexuality, and by the very act of going against nature believe one is winning some holy privilege.

      And what’s natural is to not judge people, just look at any child, born with more intelligence than what the constructs of “civilization” would put on him and try to turn the human condition into. And maybe the most scary thing to people is that it’s natural to forgive, and not to judge; and thus they spend most of their life trying to go against that, terrified to find out that what they fear the most in others, being this fight against “something” they believe is necessary and thus exists, that in reality there’s nothing there; and what’s there is what they believed they’d find if they really looked at themselves, rather than judging it: Simply being human. Their own nature.

      And that’s just being human, not some fight against an imaginary arch fiend whose hell “God” is going to throw you into would you not “believe” in him or his “son.” All just to create fear that you have to be fighting against something, some war that needs to be accomplished, the oldest trick in the book, like Hitler’s Reichstad incident, having to see and fight against an enemy or else you don’t feel safe, like thinking there’s something wrong with your brain when you have feelings that don’t fit into the safety that would hold you back from growing. That’s quite impossible such logic could exist and be what created the human soul….

  • Nick Bassett says:

    Andrea Bocelli is the most talented, decent, brave and emotional artist I have ever seen. I have seen him perform live eight times, including two years ago in his home village of Lajatico.
    When you have been fortunate enough to experience Andrea Bocelli in the flesh, you will never forget it.

  • John ortensio says:

    Im not religious but as a agnostic i believe anything is possible but one thing i hate is hypocrisy in religion when the pope hates capitalism while encouraging to help the poor . Doesnt he understand its capitalism that helps the poor its not definitely socialism because their the ones who raise taxes from capitalism and who helps the poor more than capitalist countries

  • Patricia Forsythe says:

    Andrea is a sincere Christian and practices exactly what he preaches by way of charity to others across all humanity. His Catholic faith is tremendous and he fills the universe with hope at this time of intense turmoil. God Bless him.
    I’ve been to three of his concerts and can only say his perfect voice, limitless musical talent and sincerity is an experience that lasts for all time.
    Thankyou Andrea.

  • M Roberts says:

    I wish I could afford to go to an Andrea Bocelli live performance.

  • S.S. says:

    I love his music.

  • Alexander T says:

    Dreadful singer.

  • Clemencia says:

    Faith, hope and charity are OK.
    How about Compassion and Unity that at this moment we need the most?❤

  • paula says:

    I live in hope that one day I can see Andrea Bocelli live performance in Bella Italia!

  • Lauri Reiter says:

    When will the album be released?

  • Marie Russell says:

    Can’t wait to hear it!