Stars when they were young (14): Argerich, aged 8

Stars when they were young (14): Argerich, aged 8


norman lebrecht

September 18, 2020

Recording from the Auditorium Radio El Mundo, Buenos Aires, 1949. She is so much faster than the sluggish orchestra.



  • Nick says:

    Poor conductor!!! But the kid ‘negotiates’ with the orchestra quite well.

  • Brava! says:

    A wonderful historical record, as is the Schumann concerto at age 11 – and still going strong!

  • M2N2K says:

    The orchestra not only sounds “sluggish” which may also be the conductor’s fault – at least partially – but they are also for some reason tuned much sharper than the piano. Her playing is extraordinary for an eight-year-old.

  • Bruce says:

    …and she already sounds like herself… including the “faster than the orchestra” thing, which is of course a trademark of hers.

    For example, watch about 4:20 to 5:00 of this interview. The way she nods to the conductor at the end is pretty great 🙂