Stars when they were young (1): Mirga sings

Who’d have thought?

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  • It is fascinating to see and recognise here the future conducting star. If you watch her rehearsing, her melodious soprano speaking voice almost sings her requests to her players and when she does sing to show what she wants, it is a delight, unlike many of her colleagues who can’t sing for toffee!

  • Shortly after Mirga became CBSO’s Music Director, one of the violin players was celebrating either a birthday, or his final concert before retirement, and Mirga stood on the platform during the concert and sang (to him) the most beautiful song from her homeland, as a tribute to the player. She has a beautiful, clear soprano voice.

  • Nice! Just seen her on the live YouTube stream of the CBSO’s Centenary Concert. Happy 100th, CBSO!
    Rattle’s downbeat almost exactly 100 years to the minute since their first concert.
    (And best wishes to Mirga – currently on maternity leave)

      • The haters always go silent when you ask them to justify their comments with actual musical points taken from live concerts she’s conducted. It’s almost as if their spite is nothing whatever to do with her artistry and is rooted in a wholly unmusical prejudice. What a surprise, eh?

    • I have to admit that I am not into modern music, which she mostly do. Maybe she is good in conducting it – I don’t know. I still visit modern performances from time to time, including the ones by Mirga, mostly because I hope that maybe one day I’ll understand something in it and it is the problem with me, not with the music.

      So I almost exclusively judge based on two occasions when she conducted Bach and Mozart, not the most typical repertoire for her. Both times she literally ruined the pieces, she had totally no understanding of these composers. It was among the worst performances I’ve heard.

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