Just in: Kiwi wins Cantelli competition

Tianyi Lu was proclaimed winner last night of the revivified Guido Cantelli Competition in Novara, Italy.

Lu, 30, is Shanghai born and Netherland based, with a New Zealand passport.

She is agented by the K D Schmid office in London and holds the position of Female Conductor in Residence at Welsh National Opera.



The runners up were Bertie Baigent (25, UK), Diego Ceretta (23, Italy) and Dmitry Matvienko (29, Belarus).

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  • Very high quality competition, my compliments to the four finalists. In the final run I was impressed by young Italian Diego Ceretta, a really very talented guy.

    • What did you think of Lu, the eventual winner?
      Here in Auckland, New Zealand, where the winner was partly schooled, the ‘New Zealand Herald’ newspaper ( the nation’s largest daily paper and news website ) has so far not bothered to mention her success. Likewise, so far there is no story printed of Ms Lu in the Radio New Zealand ‘music news headlines’, or on the ‘Concert FM’ news headlines ( the local equivalent of BBC Radio 3 ). New Zealanders are generally blind to anti-Asian bias in their society, of which this may be another example. I can’t think of any New Zealander who has won first prize in any international classical conducting competition, ever. ( Perhaps Gemma New, but I’m unsure.)

  • “She … holds the position of Female Conductor in Residence at Welsh National Opera.”
    Are we now going to have Transgender Conductor in Residence, Colored Conductor in Residence etc. to create more diverse and inclusive workforce?

  • Tianyi spent a few seasons at Melbourne Symphony learning from Andrew Davis. I fear, though, that she is a modest talent. In the end, ability will win out – witness Karina Canellakis!

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