Germany honours Igor Levit for Covid activism

The German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier will award the Order of Merit to 15 citizens on October 1st.

‘The seven women and eight men have made an outstanding contribution: They help to cope with the corona pandemic, promote the merging of East and West and contribute to breaking down prejudices in our society,’ said President’s office.

Here’s the full list.

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  • Those fifty-two ‘house concerts’ were among the few spots of grace and hope in the darkest days earlier this year. Levit actually DID something (which is activism) to bring light to our lives.

    I was an admirer before, but since March I have spent many hours listening to his playing–including the entire live Salzburg Beethoven Cycle (which, contrary to info, could be accessed in the U. S. during the initial feed).

    Levit’s recent CD releases, “Life” and “Encounter”, were both responses to dark events, innovative and beautiful.

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