Bayreuth rolls out next summer

Bayreuth rolls out next summer


norman lebrecht

September 09, 2020

Acting chief Georg Freiherr von Waldenfels says he is convinced there will be a festival in 2021. ‘What is possible in Vienna, Salzburg and Zurich should also be feasible in Bayreuth.’he said.

The operas on show will be Flying Dutchman, Lohengrin, Meistersinger and Tannhäuser, alongside a schedule of rehearsals for a 2022 Ring.

No mention of Katharina Wagner, or whether she’ll return.



  • Very optimistic point of view… I know this place the seats are very narrows for the public…

  • phf655 says:

    And, as far as I could tell during a recent visit, absolutely no artificial ventilation during performances. The conditions on hot days – and there seem to be more and more each summer – are beyond intolerable.

    • You ‘are that’s one of the charmes of this place. I don’t believe in the festival before a good vaccine for everybody

    • Ken says:

      We’ve been “tolerating” it — happily or not — for 140+ years. I worked there for 15 summers and loved everything about it (in a tux, too) except the productions and much of the casting. It’s all, at least the production “aethetic,” egregiously worse now.

    • AngloGerman says:

      Bayreuth as an institution must remain the way it has been for that is its purpose and nature. Even such ‘inconveniences’ as these (mitigated by each interval being an hour long) are part of its own history and charm. Having been in such conditions as you describe, I certainly wouldn’t call them ‘intolerable’, although the drinks prices certainly cause some apoplexy…

  • Bod says:

    I would doubt it with Cov-19. Bayreuth is a real tinderbox of a place. Health and Safety today would probably shut it down.

    • AngloGerman says:

      Well, perhaps fewer applicants for tickets is not a bad thing. The issues in German law relating to signing informed consent forms re potential infection may be trickier…

  • John Rook says:

    I remember someone dying during Siegfried in either 2013 or 2014 because of the gunshots. Nothing that bad will happen with this oversold flu bug. Let’s get real and get on with saving our culture.

  • Lancelot Spratt says:

    I have no desire at all to catch Cov-19 while watching Brunnhilde’s bonfire party.

    In August I much prefer the glorious 12th. Besides singing in German requires ear defenders