Wigmore Hall plans 100 concerts ‘with or without’ an audience

Wigmore Hall plans 100 concerts ‘with or without’ an audience


norman lebrecht

August 18, 2020

John Gilhooly has announced a rich new season at London’s premier chamber music venue, 100 concerts between now and Christmas, which is more than any other concert hall in the UK (or almost anywhere else for that matter).

Gilhooly said: ‘Concerts will go ahead with or without an audience and the schedule is subject to change given the uncertainty of travel and the possibility of local and international lockdowns and quarantine problems. We are already planning for the spring, and many local artists included in the spring series are on standby to bring their concerts forward, should we need them for last-minute replacements this autumn.

‘This is not an easy time for the Hall or for live performing arts, and this has been a very difficult project to put together, logistically, and financially. We remain grateful to ACE and to the generosity of individual donors and sponsors who are helping to underpin significant costs around running the Hall at this challenging time. Nobody should be under any illusion about how finely balanced things are for the Hall for the foreseeable future. However, we are determined to get artists working again, and to pay them their full fees through this series. Please be generous if you are watching online, to help us fulfil the pledge to put money in artists’ pockets, many of whom have not worked since March, including artists at every stage of their career.’

Artists include Christian Gerhaher, Alban Gerhardt, Leonidas Kavakos, Sarah Connolly, Igor Levit…. and a certain Norman Lebrecht, making his Wigmore Hall debut.



  • V. Lind says:

    Quite happy about that re-imagining?

  • Una says:

    Perhaps they have to buy tickets for all 101 concerts to see which one Norman is in!!

  • Doug says:

    Now there is a brave man. To Hell with the shrieking Karens and woke scolds that live in fear of life itself. Artists MUST PERFORM.

  • Doc Martin says:

    I met Gerharer at Bantry House, he gave a lieder concert at NCH a while ago, he signed my CD. In Berlin I heard his Brahms recital, very good except for an encounter over a cock up with seat numbers, with a grumpy humourless Berliner. I reminded him the war is over!

  • Rachelle Goldberg says:

    What fantastic news. At least the Wigmore Hall are moving forward. We look at the Vienna Philharmonic at the Salzburg Festival to see what progress they have made over there. This announcement now gives musicians and their audiences some positive steps at last.

  • Stephen Diviani says:

    Great news! Let’s hope this shambolic UK government doesn’t mess things up yet again, but it sounds like Sir John and his staff are prepared for all manner of eventualities. I cannot wait to be back there, thanks.

  • icebreaker says:

    nice self-publicity Norm, squeezed in under cover of another ‘story’… hope your debut goes well