Netrebko to relaunch Bolshoi next month

Netrebko to relaunch Bolshoi next month


norman lebrecht

August 20, 2020

The Bolshoi Theatre has announced its new seasion, starting September 6.

Anna Netrebko will appear as Elisabeth of Valois in four nights of Verdi’s Don Carlo and in the title role of Richard Strauss’s SAalome next February.

Music director Tugan Sokhiev conducts.



  • Peter says:

    Salome? In what language? Turandot? Next Abigaille?
    With her voice already mostly ruined (her Tosca in Napoli was a pain for the ears and she has only sang the role a couple of times), she just speedens up the process to the end of her career.
    I wonder why the fuss only about Netrebko and Kaufmann on this blog, there are so many other singers who deserve way more attention… Cheers

    • Terence Fleming says:

      How I agree with, Peter, about the rapid decline of this once beautiful voice. She has pushed her voice too far; so much beyond the instrument she has been given. Is it bad judgement or bad advice? However, many singers seem unable to nurture the voice they are given.

    • Deborath says:

      Thank you Peter. But I think the attention to Ms. Netrebko is mostly to ridicule the state of opera houses in our days. You are absolutely right there is not mention ‘ever’ about others singer. Exemple 2 singers that deserve our attention for their enormous talents. One being is Ms. Lisette Oropesa and the other Ms. Marina Rebeka. Marvelous singers.

    • Larry L. Lash / Wien says:

      It has been know for some time that Netrebko is scheduled for five performances as Abigaille at the Metropolitan Opera in April/May 2021.

      Turandot seems to be her new parade role: she has already sung it in München and in 2021 is scheduled for a new production at Osterfestspiele Salzburg, a reprise in München, and the Arena di Verona, and is set to sing it at the Met in the 2021/2022 season.

      I read somewhere that she decided against adding Salome to her repertoire. Indeed, she has cancelled the Met’s new production (a co-production with the Bolshoi) – as per Associated Press: “Netrebko also has withdrawn from a new staging of Strauss’ ’Salome’ scheduled for 2021/2022, deciding the role was not right for her.” Asmik Grigorian will replace her.

      Should she commit to it for Moscow in February 2021, it will be much more difficult to hide onstage teleprompters in “Salome” that it was in “Lohengrin (Elsa is another role which she is set to reprise at the Met in a future season). I also wonder if she will shake her groove thing, or have a double run onstage clad in sieben Schleier.

  • Brettermeier says:

    Let’s try it again with another non-existant mail address.


  • Kate says:

    Что то Нетребко стала очень похожа на купчих Малевича на этом фото