Maestro news: Danes get fabulous

Maestro news: Danes get fabulous


norman lebrecht

August 31, 2020

The DR Symphony Orchestra has extended its contract with Fabio Luisi until 2026. This Thursday, he will open the new season in the DR Concert Hall.

Luisi, 61, is also GMD at Zurich Opera and incoming music director at the Dallas Symphony.

He says: ‘I am extremely happy that my relationship with the DR Symphony Orchestra – a relationship that has flourished and developed wonderfully over the past four years – will continue further through the next many seasons. With its amazing curiosity and sharp focus, the orchestra is a source of great personal and artistic joy in my life.’



  • John Kelly says:

    Tremendous. Maestro Luisi and the Danish Orchestra gave a great concert at Carnegie Hall a couple of years back.

  • Daniel Pascal says:

    Even without Covit19, this was long in coming. The internet and social media have blown the doors wide open for some time. Audiences have been fragmented, older ones moving on and younger ones, depending on their education, discovering the classical preforming arts all over the globe. It’s important for the societal fabric and culture of the western civilization that no effort to support the field be spared by individuals, organizations, institutions and governmental agencies, beyond politics which ruin everything.

  • Edgar Self says:

    Hearty congratulations, Fabio Luisi, but what will you do in yoour spare time?

  • Tiredofitall says:

    Boy, did the Met drop the ball big time with Maestro Luisi…

    • John Kelly says:

      Yes indeed. While I have very much enjoyed the performances with YNS, and I am not suggesting he shouldn’t have the job, he’s great, but the failure to secure Maestro Luisi still feels like a mistake and a missed opportunity……..

    • Marshall says:

      Absolutely. I attended a number of performances with him at the Met, and thought he was terrific in opera. Foolish for the Met to lose him completely, but I guess he thought he earned his chance. Nothing against Nezet-Seguin, but remain (quite)puzzled why people think he’s the second coming. I understand they wanted a younger music director, but you’d think they’d want to avoid the trap of having a decades long director, again.

  • E says:

    everyone loves working with fabio. hurray to the danes!

  • A good choice for a director in one of the most beautiful concert hall in the world. I had the chance to go there once. Unfortunatly this orchestra don’t make a lot of tournée outside of Scandinavia like all the best orchestras of this part of Europe.

  • Cubs Fan says:

    How in the world does any one person have the energy to fulfill three demanding jobs like this? Boggles the mind. One of the best conductors around, that’s for sure.

  • AngloGerman says:

    Great news! Perhaps one can hope for some more Pfitzner?

  • Lohengrin says:

    I thought last season would have been his last season in Zurich and Noseda would take over?