And then the violinist sang Schubert

The unclassifiable Patricia Kopatchinskaja directs her own arrangement for chamber orchestra of Schubert’s Death and the Maiden quartet.

At 59:00 on this video, she vocalises the song.

Watch here. It’s, er, different


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  • I think at this point I’m either “buying or selling” Pat Kop.
    Buying. Might not be my thing sometimes, but I believe she has a real artistic intuition and expression.
    Not faulting anyone for feeling otherwise.

  • Is it just me or does the link seem to be missing (It might just be me needing a second coffee)?

    I remember her playing and singing Schönberg’s Pierrot Lunaire in Montréal a few years back at the Virée Classique. It was quite good, as far as I remember.

  • While searching for Death and the Maiden with Pat Kop,
    I discovered a video of her singing and directing Pierrot Lunaire. Very different from the harsh Sprechgesäng of an Anja Silja, but very interesting: she sings well!

  • Why not, but IMHO pointless excercise artistically.
    If Schubert wanted a poem recited, he wouldn’t have written it as music. And what great music it is.
    Is the music not enough for you, Patricia? You need to talk to people? I guess the soul-eating classical business can have a damaging effect on overly sensitive souls.
    I want to give her a hug and tell her it will be all alright and she can relax, maybe cry, a bit.

  • Unbelievably awful. Is there no end to the vain stupidity of this woman ? What was wrong with Mahler’s orchestration ? And is it really necessary to parade barefoot and in a costume which looked to be unfinished and/or coming apart at the seams ?

  • This is the most intimate and powerful string quartet Schubert ever wrote. Expanding it to a chamber orchestra is already highly questionable, as most of its rhetoric affects do not work properly with so many musicians playing one voice. Singing the text during the performance – just to show the audience the audience the text, questionable. Most concert goers know this music, know it’s background. They expected this moment to be magical

  • insane!
    is no one telling her how bad it is what she is doing?
    so far i thought she is an interesting artist but now she lost her mind.
    what arrogance!

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