New French PM is president of Casals Festival

Jean Castex, President Macron’s surprise choice as prime minister, is listed as President of the Festival Pablo Casals on the festival’s website. He is also Mayor of Prades, in southwest France.

Castex writes: ‘Prades is a meeting place for musicians and music lovers of the world, as it was during Pau Casals’ times. Everyone is invited to gather around an inventive programme which is full of surprises to live very often amazing performances in some wonderful venues of the Conflent which are equipped with remarkable acoustics.’


Jean Castex, President of the Festival Pablo Casals.


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  • Wimsey says:

    I think everyone should stop writing Pablo Casals and start saying Pau, his real name. In Spain you could only be registered with a Spanish name until 1978, even if you were Catalan or Basque.

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