Death of a multitalented opera chief

Death of a multitalented opera chief


norman lebrecht

July 12, 2020

Pavel Fieber, who started out as an actor after voice training by Leonie Rysanek, went on to head the state theatres at Ulm and Karlsruhe before his death last week at 78. The Czech Communists declared him persona non grata for promoting dissident artists.

Fieber was one of those rare company chiefs who would come downstairs when time permitted and take a role in a musical or opera. His former partner tells us that he played five instruments and spoke seven languages. He particularly relished playing klezmer. His last TV role was as father of Sigmund Freud.

They don’t make them like that any more.


  • John Rook says:

    He auditioned for me in Germany years ago. A good man.

  • lior Shambadal says:

    you forgot to mention that he was 6 years Intendant of Pfalz Theater in Kaiserslautern. I was working with him there as General Musikdirektor for 5 years. We opened together the new Theater (1000 seats), the last opera house opened before 2000. we produced together over 30 operas…. an incredible Wozzeck ….. He left then to Karlsruhe and I stayed for 3 years more.