Just in: Netrebko will reopen Semper Oper next week

Just in: Netrebko will reopen Semper Oper next week


norman lebrecht

June 12, 2020

The soprano will sing four consecutive nights of Giuseppe Verdi’s Don Carlo in a reduced concert version in Dresden, starting on June 19.

She has never sung the role of Elisabetta before.

Johannes Wulff-Woesten will conduct a chamber orchestra in a performance lasting no longer than 90 minutes.



  • Clo says:

    Maybe she hasn’t sung it in a complete opera production before, but she has sung various arias from the opera – when she was in Liège (Belgium) in early March, she sang a very good “Tu Che La Vanità” – I was very pleasantly surprised!

  • Darrell says:

    What would we do without people as dedicated and courageous as Netrebko? Go!

  • Emil says:

    90 minutes? That’s less than half of Don Carlo. So presumably arias with a bit of recits, and they’ve cut out everything with chorus?

  • Pedro says:

    I had tickets for the May 23 complete performance with Thielemann conducting, which had to be cancelled. The amount paid was promptly refunded by the very professional and friendly Kartenbüro. I hope she will sing the entire opera soon

  • Dave says:

    The question is: how many people will be allowed in this venue?

  • Peter says:

    Still… just a very few orchestra members, no chorus… how can such a grand opera be sung in these conditions? And less than half of it, this is not right!
    Better do a recital or something else, not stupid experiments…

  • Martin says:

    and that’s how it sounds, painful:

    • Brian L says:

      Painful indeed!
      And is it setting a good example for the so many younger artists struggling in these times…?
      She has recently published her “summer schedule”, which I find extremely offending for all artists who are forced to stay at home and have little to zero income…
      Not saying that nobody should perform, but at least show some respect to others and don’t bribe about touring with your husband…
      It will be a painful x 2 experience, that’s for sure!

  • John Borstlap says:

    I hear from my fly on the wall that it is actually a ritualistic opening of the main entrance doors with a hughe golden key, an old celebratory custom to begin the summer holiday season, and not a concert.