Barenboim jumps in at Granada

We hear that Daniel Barenboim surprised organisers of the Granada Festival by offering to play a benefit recital for the Red Cross on Friday, 24th July.

Granada has a fantastic piano lineup:  Krystian Zimerman, Grigori Sokolov, Martha Argerich, Igor Levit, Elisabeth Leonskaja, Bertrand Chamayou and Javier Perianes.

He just didn’t want to feel left out.


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    • He also may well have already been planning to visit the Barenboim-Said Foundation down the road in Seville, as he does most summers. (The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra often prepare their summer tours there too.)

      • you must be joking in all the years i was a memberof the teaching staff he never introduced himself to the staff or students seville is only a small part of the barenbiom saidfranchise

  • barenboim doing a benefit concert for free i dont think so granada music festival 25000 euros this guy dosent do anything for free

  • Saw him there with his orchestra doing Bruckner a couple years back. Maybe, the fact that he has a history at the festival also played into it.

    • Yes, very petty, insensitive and experts in their armchairs who have never got up and done anything of worth except criticise, which is very boring.

  • Might also have something to do with the new director of the festival. Experienced, very active, well connected, a good organiser. It helps.

  • Never one to miss a passing bandwagon, it would seem.
    Hopefully his playing will be better than the excruciating performance he gave at Jacques Chirac’s funeral.

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