The Slipped Disc daily comfort zone (64): Lost in the mists

The Slipped Disc daily comfort zone (64): Lost in the mists


norman lebrecht

May 18, 2020

A piano masterpiece by Leos Janacek played by the never-knowlingly overstated Ivan Moravec. Will make your day.



  • David K. Nelson says:

    It is not given to all pianists to make so much sense of the piece. While the Rudolf Firkušný recordings are probably the most often listed and recommended for this work, and for good reasons, anything Moravec chose to record makes it, to my mind, an important recording.

  • Jean says:

    Funny coincidence: just listened to this yesterday. Hauntingly beautiful

  • John Rook says:

    Wonderful work. I bought a recording of it by Jan Latham-Koenig back in the 1970s.

  • jobim75 says:

    Great choice! The 1905 sonata he played at this concert is to be known too. My other pick for these works would be the even lesser known Josef Palenicek. I know nothing about him, but strong personality.

  • esfir ross says:

    Richard Good played at concerts this sonata for decades. Orion Weiss made excellent recording of “In the mist”

  • Bruce says:

    Thank you, that was lovely.

    Moravec was wonderful.