DG goes live-stream

DG goes live-stream


norman lebrecht

May 20, 2020

DG Premium is described as a ‘free archive for registered users and the opportunity to experience specially produced and ticketed streaming events on DG Stage. With Anna Netrebko, Daniel Barenboim, Rudolf Buchbinder, Andris Nelsons, Rolando Villazón and many others, starting in June.’

Press release:

Deutsche Grammophon has established a new online platform designed to connect audiences to great performances and keep music live. DG Premium, available now at www.dg-premium.com, will offer exclusive content to classical music fans and is focused on concert-length productions. Evolving from the popular bonus content site myDG, it will provide access to a compelling basic package of video and audio recordings – free of charge until at least the end of this year – for new subscribers and those already registered with myDG. A key feature will be the option to purchase tickets via the site’s DG Stage portal for live-streamed events and presentations of outstanding audio-visual productions featuring stars from the Yellow Label’s family of artists. DG Premium will also provide the music community with a new forum which, aided by Deutsche Grammophon’s substantial global reach, will enable the digital re-creation of cancelled music events and festivals.

The ambitious scope of DG Stage concerts and broadcasts is reflected in plans to present specially produced live performances from June onwards by, among others, Anna Netrebko, Daniel Barenboim, Rudolf Buchbinder, Andris Nelsons and Rolando Villazón. Wagnerites and newcomers to the composer’s all-encompassing music dramas will be able to experience the Bayreuth Festival 2020 in virtual form. The detailed activities and schedule will be communicated at a later stage. Other DG Stage highlights include the premiere worldwide presentation of John Williams in Vienna, with the Hollywood composer conducting the Wiener Philharmoniker and Anne-Sophie Mutter in a concert of his works given earlier this year at Vienna’s Musikverein.

“Ever since its foundation over 120 years ago, Deutsche Grammophon has led the way in connecting classical artists and audiences through the latest high-quality technology,” comments Dr Clemens Trautmann, President Deutsche Grammophon. “That role is needed now more than ever. Our aim in setting up DG Stage is to give our community of artists the widest possible reach and a tool that allows their live performances to be remunerated by their fanbase and other classical music lovers. And we want to give a worldwide audience access to exciting audiovisual concert experiences at any time and enable people to revisit favourite and legendary productions from our archive. Our new DG Premium offer is still in its beta stage and is sure to evolve in the months to come. We feel, however, that the service as it stands is ready to meet today’s strong desire for live performance by artists and audiences alike. We look forward to continuing the great work with all our partners to provide our artists with additional opportunities and a global audience with amazing classical music experiences.”


  • Ron Swanson says:

    Smart move by DG.

  • MezzoLover says:

    I applaud Clemens Traubmann for making this bold move. The fact of the matter (sadly) is DG has been in decline for years, and Traubmann’s tenure during the last five years hasn’t been a rousing success, either. I seriously doubt this alone will turn the tide for the Yellow Label.

    This VAN article about DG, written in 2017, still rings true today:


    And surely I am not alone in thinking Netrebko is way over-hyped – even Christa Ludwig, one of my mezzo idols, thought so:


    • Alan says:

      Super interview! Ms Ludwig no nonsense as ever. She represents a lost generation. We will never hear the like again.