Vidz news: Idagio puts artists on live

Vidz news: Idagio puts artists on live


norman lebrecht

April 08, 2020

Press release:

BERLIN, 8 April 2020 – Today, IDAGIO announced it will be expanding its music platform to
provide users with a new and unique real-time video series called IDAGIO Live. With the launch
of IDAGIO Live, users will be able to view exclusive live content with a line-up of classical
musicians, ensembles and orchestras. Thus, IDAGIO Live will help create a connection
between audience and performers – bringing listeners closer to artists and the classical music
community together in a time of limited social contact.
Launching the series is renowned baritone Thomas Hampson, who will be kicking off IDAGIO
Live with the first video on Wednesday, April 8, 2020, at 1 pm EST. IDAGIO is releasing this
initiative to help connect its global community through music and engaging content during these
unprecedented times, by providing listeners with high-quality music and entertainment from the
comfort and safety of their own homes. “In times of crisis, there is an opportunity to come
together as a group, investing in new ways to cope and move forward as the world around us
changes. IDAGIO is helping to provide positive inspiration during these difficult times by offering
an interactive experience with artists and their music to engage the global community around
them,” noted Thomas Hampson.
In the coming weeks, more musicians and ensembles will participate in IDAGIO Live, including
Michael Tilson Thomas, Iván Fischer, Franz Welser-Möst, Leonard Slatkin, members of the
Vienna Philharmonic and many more. All of these artists and their full catalogue of music can be
found on IDAGIO’s platform.



  • A.L. says:

    As if we are all not already uberwhelmed with online choices day after day. Many of us have to work, you know?, albeit remotely.

    • Music Lover says:

      Behold – the selfish ingratitude of the still-employed.

    • Brian 1 says:

      I think a lot of us are retired that is why we have the time.
      I agree when one is working time for listening is limited.i used to take my portable
      CD player to work and listen lunchtime and in the train commuting to work .
      Which was good

  • Peter San Diego says:

    Hmmm… I doubt the orchestral streams will be live, given the restrictions on large gatherings… of course, streams of pre-recorded performances are most welcome. Just don’t call them “live”.

  • Michael W says:

    I just found where the live stream is happening:

  • Filippo II says:

    When is Hampson going to retire? He can’t sing anymore. Heard him recently and he was a disaster!

  • Florestan says:

    What is it with you and Idagio? Are you getting paid by them? Then you had better disclosed it before. This Till Janczukovicz guy used to work with such mafia methods when he was an artist agent…