Emergency doctor in Cleveland plays cello between shifts

From Eric Roter:

As some of you know I am a cellist and also an emergency physician in Cleveland. We are preparing for war right now and awaiting a surge, which we expect will happen within the next couple of weeks. A few weeks ago I was looking forward to recording some repertoire with my pianist and posting, but that’s not going to happen any time soon. Here is a Piatti caprice I recorded a few years ago. Hope it gives you a few moments of reprieve.

Dr Roter studied cello at Juilliard and Manhattan School of Music.


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  • Great to reminiscing music-medicine. Dr. Eric Roter is playing during the Cleveland Medical Emergency Room break. When I went to a nursing school at a Scandinavian-affiliated National Medical Center in Seoul Korea, we used to have doctor-nurse annual concert. I am also an amateur cellist as well as a singer so I have a double degrees, Music at UC Berkeley and Nursing with Scholarship at the Seoul’s NMC-School of Nursing School in S. Korea

  • Beautiful playing. If you’d told me this was a member of the Cleveland Orchestra dressed up in a doctor’s coat, I would have believed it.

    Nice work, doctor. Stay healthy.

  • There seems to be a link between physicians, other medical personnel and fine musical skill. I know several talented and trained musicians who went this route. I have heard of several MD orchestras in existence in the US. Bravo to them all during this terrible time.

    • It’s the smart people-music connection. It’s why parents should encourage their kids to be in band or orchestra. And a wonderful talent to have as an adult even if just a hobby as you noted.

  • As a retired Emergency physician I especially enjoy the Juilliard training coming out of you. Thanks for sharing your God given talents.

  • In case people don’t realize how great this is, do know these Piatti pieces are hard as hell and are on par with Paganini violin caprices

  • Beautiful…thank you
    Nice to see you!
    A fellow MSM colleague from way back. Thank you for putting yourself on the front lines during this crisis

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