Official: Corona advice for musicians

Official: Corona advice for musicians


norman lebrecht

March 24, 2020

Help Musicians UK has just set up a central resource with the latest practical, medical and financial advice.

Click here.


  • Mustafa Kandan says:

    We are still at the earliest stages of a pandemic that will last no shorter than two years, in spite of all our efforts. The current strategies will not be sustainable more than few more months. Once we have totally destroyed the world economy, ruining the lives of many more people than saving lives, the governments will have no choice but to let nature take its course. Then we may say that although we have totally ruined the global economy, with all its social consequences, at least it was all done with the best of intentions.

  • MTC says:

    Lets put musicians on the place of advisers!
    so, they can have a Money of Elite, who pretend to be that smart, healthy and wealthy to deservingly chance the places and give them some advices.

    We’re not a children to be treated as such – hopeless and dellusional victims of our own selves. We payed to our society a lot in many ways, – we learn a lot and can advise advisers how to be a human at least. But there is a war and the point of war is about humans to be replaced by sexy and technically perfect automatic robots: functional, living in surviving state of mind/no-mind, fearful creature, who love to be beaten up, those beautiful, glamorous, always looking forward to please skin lovers: “just eat me, I’m sO good!”.

    War on musicians, which started on my counts from 2012 with rise of un-artistic unacceptable managements and their investments to the bank of entertainment as industry. Classical musicians went to that point of now we are all in it – disappearance of the value of human interactions and falling off culture!

    We are not alleged incapacitated persons to become a commodity of the State to be brainwashed and “advised ” by establishment and given a bone life time on for not to cry. Why we are have face that stupid advisement from people who have no ability to respect and understand all what we are through our life and education with dedication and developments, not to mention a value of humanity and talents in music nature itself.

    We all can be a best managerss of our own independence and freedom for our arts.