Just in: Placido Domingo is taken to hospital

The singer, who is suffering from Coronavirus, has been hospitalised in Acapulco, Mexico.

A spokesperson said his condition was stable.

The report appeared in local media in Acapulco.




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    • Not necessarily. A lot people who are doing better suddenly relapse. He won’t be out of the woods for a couple of weeks.

  • I join in all the wishes for Domingo’s recovery from the virus. It is no respecter of persons.

    But I am confused. After the “breaking” news here, I looked up the story for more detail, and it was reported that he was one of (then) “28,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Spain.” (Reuters). But was he in Spain? If so, what is he doing in hospital in Mexico? Infosurhoy.com datelines its report Madrid and speaks of Domingo falling ill in the midst of a Spain outbreak.

    As far as Domingo is concerned, Mexico is home. I would suspect he has been there for some time, and that he is not part of the Spanish outbreak at all. But if he went there from Spain, he may have brought it into a country that as yet has few coronavirus fatalities.

    It also, alas, has few adequate provisions for testing, and has been failing to institute checks at airports. There has also been some political ignorance and a very slow start by President Lopez Obrador. The governor of Puebla apparently thinks the poor are immune.

    Domingo will get the best of care in a country that has good but inadequate health care facilities — not nearly enough intensive care units for what is probably coming, and without much testing capacity, its low reported numbers are unlikely to be anywhere near accurate.

    Still, for his age, he is healthier than most and that should help him get through it. One hopes.

    • If he travelled from Spain to Mexico he did it ins his own, private air plane, so he probably didn’t spread the virus around (his pilote and steward could have kept the social distance).

      And I’m sure there’s a good hospital in Acapulco. It’s a hot spot for tourism and a modern city, so if you’ve gotten enough money you’ll find everything there you need.

      By the way and before someone maintains anything else: I wish him a speedy recovery too.

    • I wonder if you would say the same if your wife or your daughter would have been one of his victims…
      Anyway, he’s an old man now and I wish him a speedy recovery too, just because he’s a human being.

  • Let’s pray for his complete recovery. It’s not an affliction we would wish on anyone, especially our elderlies.

  • It is unlikely that Placido Domingo brought the virus from Spain to Mexico. According to reports from Mexican press he had attended a party in Tequila Jalisco Mexico. Both he and the host were confirmed to have the Coronavirus.
    There are statements from his son and representative that he is responding well to treatment.
    Those who make disgraceful statements about anyone with this virus need to take a very good look at themselves and their values and pray you do not succumb to this terrible illness.
    I for one wish Domingo a speedy, full recovery.

    • My understanding is that he arrived in Acapulco on March 13th but did not show symptoms of the virus until March 15th. The event in Tequila, México was on February 18.

  • Poor man, all the trouble he’s had surely lowered his immunity and contributed to making him ill. He was punished for ‘flirting’ and ‘looking at a woman’s bust’!
    Just how civilized is that?
    I was an opera singer in the 70s to 90s and I dealt with excessive attention firmly and politely. Any intelligent woman knows how to communicate her non-availability without offending.
    All my warmest wishes to Placido Domingo for a speedy recovery.
    Lucia Memo

    • He didn’t only “look and flirt”. However, his history isn’t the point here and we shouldn’t start this debate anew. We’ve had it often and long enough.

        • Why shouldn’t Sycorax say rather fairly words? It was Lucia Memo who tried to start the debate of harassment again, what is definitely the wrong time and the wrong place here and now.

        • Because silence gives consens – and I’m neither agreeing to bringing the subject up again nor am I supporting the white washing and victim blaming Lucia tried with her posting.

    • You should be ashamed of yourself, Lucia Memo, for politicizing the thread with that dumb whitewash when (surprisingly) the unrelated topic of Domingo’s alleged misconduct hadn’t even been broached.

      There are presently more than 700,000 confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide, and many more undiagnosed. Upwards of 30,000 have died. The virus is affecting saintly caregivers, vicious convicted criminals, and everyone in between. It does not make distinctions.

      Domingo didn’t get it because people haven’t been nice enough to him since August. He got it because it’s highly communicable and he was at high risk, being a man of at least 79 who travels a lot and spends time in crowded environments.

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