It’s business as usual, up north

The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra has named Pekka Kuusisto as its next artistic director, from 2021.

As if nothing else was happening in the world.


The announcement came hours after Olli Mustonen’s new job in Finland.

Isolation has a totally different meaning up there.


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  • Agreed. Nobody should do anything while this is happening.

    It’s as bad as celebrating your own birthday while there’s injustice in the world.

  • Norway is on official lock-down, and has been for about a week. This post is just daft. NCO appointing someone for next year tells us there’s hope, not that these people are rehearsing as we speak.

    • The way the kroner is melting down and the bottom had dropped out the oil price, I doubt that Norway’s cultural sector will survive intact.

  • ==As if nothing else was happening in the world.

    Sorry ? This is a strange attitude. We should applause them doing some planning. C’mon Slipped Disc, you can do better than this.

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