Anne-Sophie Mutter: I have Coronavirus

The German violinist, 56, has just announced it on Facebook:

Despite this, she will appear tonight in a pre-repcrded quartet with members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra here.

Part of her message is this: ‘In my case, I’m 56, I’m not smoking…the smokers out there, my fans, you should really consider to stop now. Stay healthy!’

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  • Anne Sophie is spot-on about the smokers!

    She should extend her wishes to all car drivers producing respirable dust in (not only German) cities.

    Politicians worldwide will hopefully learn from the corona crisis experience and feel encouraged to ban cigarettes and diesel for good.

    • Probably the same way as the rest of us – by reporting symptoms to the appropriate triage line or government agency who then feel that the indications are that they should being tested?

    • In Mutter’s case, because she’s in Germany. They’re testing people even if they don’t have severe symptons, so she’s hopefully not badly ill.

    • For those who live outside the US, it’s probably because they have a decent healthcare system.

      For those who live in the US, it’s probably because they have money.

      • Bruce’s generalisation does not stand to scrutiny. In the UK, we certainly have a decent healthcare system, despite which there is still a severe shortage of testing capacity. And there are serious questions about the fairness of who gets tested — despite having only mild symptoms, Prince Charles got a test (it came back positive), whilst many people on the front line and/or in far worse health have been refused a test.

        But, as others have said, Mutter is in Germany, which seems to be doing a lot better when it comes to testing people for covid-19.

      • This is a truly parlous situation for the USA and, I’d suggest, other nations are not far behind you. Most of their healthcare systems are funded by horrendous, unsustainable debt and I think this house of cards is going to collapse very soon. Please watch the first 10 minutes of this.

        (The interviewer is a pain, but just listen to Ms. Shriver):

        • Funny you point out healthcare, not the war industry, when it comes to horrendous, unsustainable debt.

          The financial problem of the health care system is an ethical one.
          We have better and better possibilities to prevent people from dying.
          We also have people getting older and older.
          We then spend an enormous amounts of money, when these very old people get sick at the end of their lives, to keep them alive and well for just a bit more.
          Nobody has a solution for this, except we just have to pay for it.

        • Actually, having a National Health Service turns out to be very cheap. Most European countries spend less on healthcare than the US but manage to treat everyone regardless of their wealth, and have better health outcomes. The US system is both expensive and crap for most of the population.

  • When did the LPO officially find out about ASM testing positive for COVID-19? Why were soloists who rehearsed with her on the 12th March told to keep quiet for TWO days? Only for LPO members to find out today *after* the ASM Facebook post…
    How many dangerous and unnecessary ‘contacts’ gave there now been as a result of this (Nick?)…

  • The ‘og:image’ property should be explicitly provided, even if a value can be inferred from other tags or it comes up on FB without the picture and will discourage sharing.

  • You don’t need to publish this, I just thought I would tell you I tried to scrape it and this is missing.

  • half of the population will be positive, it will be commonplace, if not already in places like Italy or Spain and GB

    • It is likely around one-in-forty have it in Britain, perhaps more. This number will be a little higher in Spain and Italy. But the number of have it is far less than half the population.

  • Looking forward to DGG’s release of the John Williams/VPO/ASM concerts in Vienna, January 2020!

    That release will boost my immune system, for sure!

    It will definitely be one of my desert island discs (under quarantine) or one to hear before I die (no matter what the cause) – or one to die for.

    • Anyone who has an ounce of compassion or sympathy? Anyone who has enjoyed one of her performances or recordings?

    • One can’t help wondering at the pomposity, narcissic & self agrandandizing pretentious behaviour of all these so called “artists”.

      In the past musicians such as Bartok & Fricsay went down with the most painful types of cancer, but didn’t emblazon their suffering all over every newspaper in town.

      When Bush & the Americans supported by that criminal Tony Blair started their “war on terror” in Iraq to find WMD which didn’t exist, more than 200 000 innocent civilians died, while they poisoned their own servicemen with DU.
      It’s a lot worse than this little virus will do.

      It sickens me to see the hypocrisy we have in the west, especially when nobody gives a damn about what will happen to the poor Kurds or the 100s of 1000s in refugees camps who will die like flies in northern Syria over the coming weeks.

      If ASM in her “global elite” mode, had the slightest bit of humanity in her she would be concerned about others, not thrusting herself into the media spotlight.

  • Why do people do this, this pseudo coming out? I mean, with AIDS, there was a political purpose to saying one had it. However I see no purpose here.

    • BoJob has it.

      It will be used politically, maybe as an additional argument for sealing off national borders post-Brexit.

  • Colorado Public Radio just had you on playing the Brahms Concerto. It was wonderful as always; we are all thinking of you and thanking you for the joy you have brought to all of us since you were so young.

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