Two conductors quit US orchestras

Andrew Grams is leaving the Elgin Symphony after seven good years. He’s looking for more work abroad.


Carlos Kalmar is stepping down after 20 years at the head of the Oregon Symphony.

Don’t all rush at once.


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  • Grams is an excellent conductor and should fare well in Europe. Very talented and very polite and professional when working with the Elgin Symphony. I wish him well.

  • It would be wonderful if these orchestras made the decision to hire American conductors. There certainly are enough good ones from which to choose.

  • Elgin Symphony advertised for a CEO last November. Does anyone know if they’ve hired someone? You’d think they would want to hire someone with experience managing a music director search.

    • They hired someone with zero orchestral management experience as CEO, sort of a semi-retirement gig to replace the previous semi-retirement CEO. His only previous experience was on the board of the local youth symphony which he dropped like a rock as soon as his kid got into a more prestigious orchestra. ESO needs experienced orchestral management, not people who used to be in charge of something and happen to know how to ask for money.

  • Grams was the guest conductor for an all Strauss program while I was a student at the Amsterdam Conservatory. He is the real deal in every aspect, and I hope he continues to rise in Europe.

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