Thief is caught on camera stealing cello

Thief is caught on camera stealing cello


norman lebrecht

February 21, 2020

Police in Prague have released video of a middle-aged man who stole a Honeck cello from a parked car in Vršovická Street.

Watch video here.

The cello’s owner is Tereza Pelikánová and she’s offering a reward for its return.


  • V.Lind says:

    That video does not show the actual theft, though I do not doubt the cops know what he did — he is clearly keeping his face as far off camera as possible. But it did not answer my initial question: was it a locked car?

    Two commercials in Czech — ah, the internet!

    Good luck to the owner — I would imagine it won’t be long.

  • christopher storey says:

    Shame he didn’t trip over the strap hanging down and break his f*%^&ing neck

  • Brian v says:

    Would the thief know of a musical instrument dealer who would purchase it.

  • CYM says:

    Same guy already guilty of czech fraud in Prague !

  • Ben G. says:

    Any musician would have spotted this thief right away–When walking, Cellists never hold their instrument with the scroll facing behind them.