Murray Perahia is out for longer

The pianist has cancelled the Barbican in late April, ‘due to ill health’.

Perhaia, who is 72, has not been heard in public for around two years.

This picture is from 2016.


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  • There are artists who one would gladly not hear for at least two years, sadly Murray is not one of them. Get well soon and recover well, dear sir.

    • And there are thoughtful artists who have always been great interpreters and get wiser with age. Murray Perahia belongs to that elite. Get well soon.

  • It is his hand injury that exacerbates and remits for 30 years now. He continues his schedule as president of the Jerusalem music academy and gives master classes from time to time.

        • JMC is the Jerusalem Music Center. It is not an Academy and should not
          be confused with the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

    • ty

      one assumed as much

      listening to his playing at its best, as someone put it (rare that it is not that), I must say it is impossible to imagine that there is ever anything wrong, was anything wrong in the past, or that such lay ahead

    • If I remember correctly, he talked about having his finger cut to a piece of paper in a Dutch TV-program: “Reiziger in Muziek”. It caused an infection.

  • It surely is a hideous fate for a musician to have trouble with his or her hands or any part of the anatomy which is central to musical performance. I know lots of older people with arthritis in hands and arms and I’ve often wondered how musicians manage the inevitable scourge of this condition – which does not discriminate as to whom it affects.

    • Although regular expert use of one’s hands helps keep them in good shape, serious palangeal arthritis can be a “career ending injury”, as they say.

  • One of the most memorable days of my life was on 16th May 1998 when I heard him play in Edington Priory Church, the combination of listening to him and watching the light fade in that beautiful building was simply magical.

    I hope you are well soon, dear Mr Perahia

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