Just in: Joyce DiDonato to sing at Bayreuth

The alternative baroque festival has just laid out its summer offerings.

Top highight: Diva Joyce singing Monteverdi, Händel, Gluck, Hasse, Cesti and Dowland.

Not loud enough, we guess, to disturb the fools on the Green Hill.


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  • Almost gave me a heart attack with that headline…

    Guess anyone who enjoys Wagner and Gesamtkunstwerk is labelled a ‘fool’ on this site, and yet Norman Lebrecht constantly attempts to push lesser composers onto the rest of us.

  • Not loud enough, we guess, to disturb the belchers on the Green Hill (!) – By the way, one doesn’t need to shout on the stage of the Green Hill – at least, neither Nilsson or Windgassen had to 😉

  • Don’t jump the gun: Bayreuth 2020 ends on 30 August (a few days before DiDonato’s recital) with Beethoven XI. and the singers have not yet been announced…

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