Concertmaster is quarantined in Madrid virus fear

The Polish-Spanish violinist Christophe Blezien is being detained on the 17th floor of a miltary hospital in Madrid since his return this week from a teaching assignment in Wuhan.

Blezien is concertmaster at the Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa in Warsaw.

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  • Not detention, but quarantine after being evacuated. Like a hundred or so in precautionary quarantine at Arrowe Park in Wirral. But they don’t play violin.

  • Heh, click-bait title…. He doesn’t have Coronavirus – he was just in Wuhan and has been placed in quarantine until medical authorities are certain he – and all the people in the quarantine hospital with him – doesn’t have Coronavirus.

  • Everyone evacuated from Wuhan is being quarantined for two weeks in whichever country they enter. Here in Canada they are quarantined at the airforce base in Trenton, Ontario where they land.

  • Also, because the violin is a holographic image of the body. You can pray with it, and it really needs to be exactly right with the sound post, which is where the vital parts are.

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