Björk books orchestral tour

Björk books orchestral tour


norman lebrecht

February 26, 2020

The Icelandic icon is doing a full-orchestra tour in July.

Starting in Moscow, she will visit Helsinki, Berlin and Paris before winding up at the Bluedot Festival at Cheshire’s Jodrell Bank Observatory.

Manchester’s Halle Orchestra will play that concluding gig.



  • Alexander says:

    what’s in the picture? Cheshire’s Cat smile ? 😉

  • Don Ciccio says:

    Why am I not in the mood to display my cynicism?

  • REGERFAN says:

    She performed Pierrot Lunaire with Kent Nagano in 1996. That would have been interesting to see/hear

  • pcouture says:

    More than half of this picture is the musician Fever Ray (the right side and all of the hair). Fever Ray does not seem to be touring with Bjork so the picture leads one to believe Bjork is stranger than she is.