Biz news: Boutique loses German violin star

Tanja Dorn management has lost Arabella Steinbacher.

She has joined KDSchmid for general management.


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    • Beg to differ – the only time I heard her live she was just dull and characterless – in the Brahms concerto, of all pieces. Have avoided her ever since.

      • Incredible command of the instrument, clarity of intonation, yet utterly devoid of personality or interest. Her Beethoven concerto is a thing over wonder, pristine and shiny, yet boring as hell, and lacking a single moment of true beauty. Nice fiddle though…

  • Her Britten concerto and Hindemith concerto (both with Vladimir Jurowski) are treasures: breathtaking virtuosity flows seamlessly with expansive lyrical passages and fiendish passagework. Good signing for KD Schmid!

  • She is so authentic, I love that! And of course an outstanding violinist. Thanks goodness she is not a superficial show-performer! By the way, her Beethoven is one of the finest I’ve ever heard.

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