Brahms medal for Dohnanyi

The Hamburg Senate has awarded the conductor Christoph von Dohnányi with the city’s Johannes Brahms Medal.

Dohnanyi, who is 90, was director and chief conductor of the Hamburg State Opera and general music director of the Hamburg Philharmonic State Orchestra from 1977 to 1984. He returned in 2004 as chief conductor of the NDR Symphony Orchestra for six years.

The award ceremony was staged in Hamburg City Hall, where Christoph’s brother was once the Mayor.


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  • Just because he is now old and not yet fallen off his perch does not mean that he is now, or ever was, anything but a soul-less tyrant of a pedantic time-beater. Pension off this old duffer.

  • Brahms is obviously good for longevity!! These remarkable musicians of a great age know the secrets of a long and productive life. Christoph, Bernard and Herbert. There are sure to be others.

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