US label restores Serbia’s oldest orchestra

Bob Lord of Parma Recordings has brought back Serbia’s oldest orchestra, the Subotica Philharmonic, for a recorded concert last night.

The orchestra, founded in 1908, had not played since 2016.

‘Sons, fathers and grandfathers playing together in the same orchestra bridging generations and time – it’s something really special, something that has to be guarded with the utmost care,’ writes Lord.


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  • I guess low budget recordings with minimum production costs just got a new outlook.
    Personally, I’ve never heard of Parma Recordings before.

    • If Mike didn’t hear of someone or something it’s not worth of attention because Mike is known as a great and transparent specialist. Mike, thank you…presuming you heard of Subotica. If Mike didn’t heard never mind, because Mike certainly knows what this is all about and what it means for local people and orchestra history. Mike, Just Do It! We all heard about you and deeply believe in your benevolent critique. Mike’s Fan from Subotica

  • If some people didn’t hear of someone or something that doesn’t mean it’s not worth of attention. Probably many people never heard of Subotica too. However, all of us who were there know what this means for local people, Serbia and orchestra’s history. It means a lot!

  • The concert was video recorded by our local TV, has nothing with professional recording at all. Mike offered a comment based on his ignorance and assumptions, nothing more.

  • Yes, PARMA is definitely worth knowing about!
    Bob Lord has proven to be a visionary force in the field of contemporary orchestral music with PARMA Recordings’ leading the way. The incredible catalogue of works on their label imprints (Navona, Ravello, Big Round & Ansonica) by contemporary composers spans the full spectrum of contemporary concert music today! & Yes, I have worked with PARMA since 2009 to record my orchestral music and I can attest to the fine high quality recordings, production, distribution and advocacy they do on behalf of their artists!

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